Ichiro Maruta is an associate professor at Systems & Control Laboratory, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. He is researching control theory and system identification. In particular, He has been working on control and identification of nonlinear systems and closed-loop system identification. He also enjoys electronic work and programming.

Please refer to Activity Database of Kyoto University or Google Scholar for his academic achievements and backgrounds.
The following introduces the products derived from research activities.


developed in research activities

Hyper Collocation

A search engine for finding example sentences from 811,761 English papers included in arXiv. To clarify typical phrasing, the search results are sorted by the frequency of the collocation. This tool is mainly intended to help academic writing and can be used as an alternative to Springer Exemplar.


Online LaTeX-based equation editor which can generate PNG / SVG / EPS images.

Convenient for making equation images for PowerPoint / Keynote / Impress (LibreOffice) / Illustrator (Adobe).

Time Keeper

HTML5-based portable time-keeper software for academic conferences.

It will works on Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS (iPhone/iPad) / Android / etc. which has modern web-browsers.


experimental machines produced in research activities


for education and entertainment

Vehicle speed control in physics simulator

Damping control of fluid in physics simulator

2D Robot Sumo

Step response simulator for second order system

Relationship between pole and impulse response

Control system design of rocket based on open loop characteristics

Visualization of Academic Fields around Machine Learning and Control

Comparison of Frequent Keywords in Machine Learning and Control